Consult an Assay Development expert

Just a short technical question, a weekly call with your R&D manager up to interim management or training of your research team. With over 20 years of experience in IVD assay development anything is possible with AssayConsultant

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Data Analysis Support

Advise how to speed up, improve and automate your data analysis


Technical Advice

Advise your lab manager or team in online meetings


Planning support

Provide Planning Support of your development activities


Like the idea of a free advice call?

Improve the skills and knowledge of your own team.
 Outsourcing not required.

Assay Consultant can provide you with knowledge, training or contacts and make your Assay Development work.

Train your team

With Assay Consultant outsourcing of your project is not necessary. Upgrade the knowledge of your team and keep the development in house.

Large Network of Diagnostic Professionals

Assay Consultant may get you into contact with valuable partners to make your project work

New Ideas and perspective

Looking at your project from a different perspective may accelerate the development dramatically